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Don't leave your cat home alone     Your pets deserve love and attention. New Jersey Pet Sitting™ was developed with my own pets in mind. Although a kennel can be the safest place for your pets while you're away, it isn't always the happiest of places for them. Our in-home pet care allows your pet the security they need in your absence. The food they are accustomed to eating. The bowl it is served in. Even their favorite spot in the chair where they sit waiting for you to come home. Animals bring so much happiness, love, and fulfillment to our lives. So with that in mind we will make it easy for you to bring them the same happiness and love even when you are away.

    Love and dedication to the well-being of animals are the foundation of this business. It is our goal and commitment to each pet owner that we will take care of and love the pets that are in our care like they are our own. Since I was a child I have always had the joy of sharing my life with animals, but like many owners found it hard to leave them in boarding facilities or kennels when I was away on vacation or at work late.

    Once you contact us to make a reservation, our services begin with a free initial consultation. I believe this is essential because it allows us all to meet and to ensure that you and your pets will be happy and confident with our services. We will get detailed written instructions about your pet's routine, health and other important information. We will go over all of our policies and procedures and answer any questions you may have. Our services guarantee you peace of mind during the time you are away from home whether on business or for pleasure. You can be confident that your pet will be given the love and attention they need until you return.

    Bonded and Insured. Call or text us at 973-229-8453 or e-mail NewJerseyPetSitting@gmail.com

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